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The value of the global dietary supplement industry is expected to reach $327 billion by 2023. Leverage our expertise in supplement manufacturing and claim your piece of this lucrative market by starting your own supplement brand!

Scroll below to discover how we can help you custom create high-quality dietary supplements, while saving you time, money, and stress.

Our Founders Were Once In Your Shoes...

They were successful entrepreneurs struggling to find a responsive and reliable manufacturer capable of growing their supplement business. Soon, they realized other brands faced the same challenges, and NutraScience Labs was born.

Watch the video below to learn why more than 2,300 brands have manufactured their products with us.

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Capsule Manufacturing

Numerous size, material, appearance, and printing options are available upon request.

Powder Manufacturing

Work with our Certified Food Scientist to create a delicious powder supplement that will stand out in today’s competitive market.

Sports Nutrition

From cognitive support & energy supplements to recovery and vision supplements, we can help you create a product today’s athletes will love.


Work with our team of experts to create a custom probiotic capsule or powder formulated to promote immune health & a healthy gut.

Tablet Manufacturing

We can create custom chewable, fast-melt, or sublingual tablets and offer a wide range of shapes, coating, and imprinting options.

Softgel Manufacturing

We have experience manufacturing popular products like triglyceride fish oil and CLA. 

Custom Manufacturing

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Don’t worry! We possess over 120 years of award-winning supplement manufacturing experience. Bring us your ideas and we’ll make them a reality!

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